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BMW 330e

Top 10 most economical cars on sale in Australia

Feb 25, 2017

When purchasing a motor car, the most common recurring cost is filling up. As such, there have been many technological advances lately to get the litres consumed per 100km figure (L/100km) down to previously unheard-of...

BMW ad takes stab at Tesla Model 3 waiting time (video)

Aug 09, 2016

BMW is targeting Tesla with its latest advertising campaign in America, pointing out that its 330e plug-in hybrid can be delivered now, compared with waiting for the “other electric car company” to deliver its new...

BMW 330e on sale in Australia from $71,900, X5 xDrive40e from $118,900

Feb 18, 2016

Following an initial announcement last week, BMW Australia has now confirmed prices for the new BMW 330e and X5 xDrive40e plug-in hybrid models. Surprisingly, the 330e is quite affordable for a mid-size premium car. The...

BMW announces iPerformance sub-brand for future hybrid models

Feb 17, 2016

You’ve probably heard of BMW’s M Performance sub-brand? The company has just announced another one called iPerformance. It’s going to be used to label all future eco-focused variants and eco-focused powertrain philosophies. Kicking off the...

BMW 330e & X5 xDrive40e confirmed for Australia, arrive in May

Feb 12, 2016

BMW Australia has just confirmed it will be launching the new 330e sedan and X5 xDrive40e plug-in hybrid vehicles in May this year. This is the first time the models are being made available Down...

BMW 330e plug-in hybrid unveiled, uses 2.1L/100km

Sep 17, 2015

BMW has unveiled the new 330e hybrid 3 Series at the Frankfurt Motor Show, coming in as a more affordable hybrid slotting underneath the ActiveHybrid 3. It’s also the first plug-in hybrid 3 Series. The...

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