Volvo S60 V8 Supercar engine revealed

Brett Davis

Volvo has unveiled the new V8 engine that will power the Volvo S60 V8 Supercars in next year’s season. The engine has made its debut at the Sydney 500 event, which takes place this weekend.

Volvo S60 Polestar V8 Supercar engine-2

Detailed with lots of carbon fibre, the engine is based on the 4.4-litre naturally aspirated Yamaha unit that has powered a number of road-going Volvo vehicles over the years. It is of course completely rebuilt and tuned ready to take on the local touring car championship next year.

With Volvo joining the Aussie Ford and Holden battle, the V8 Supercars series will have five different car brands involved in the 2014 season. Volvo joins the recently introduced factory Nissan team and the Mercedes-Benz entrants from Erebus Motorsport and Stone Brothers Racing.

The Volvo team, called Volvo Polestar Racing, is a partnership set up by Volvo, Polestar, and Garry Rogers Motorsport. The group will apply an S60 body to the Car of the Future platform, along with a sophisticated V8 engine.

As you can see in the image, the V8 will use eight individual throttle bodies which are fed by eight carbon fibre intake trumpets. It will also use double overhead camshafts capped by carbon fibre rocker covers. Capacity is taken out to the 5.0-litre regulations.

See below for the technical specifications:

Block: Modified Volvo B8444S, 60 degree aluminium cylinder block
Heads: Modified Volvo B8444S, aluminium
Bore x Stroke: 95.5 x 87.1
Capacity: 4989cc
Compression Ratio: 10:1
Max revs: 7500rpm
Induction: Naturally aspirated, eight throttle bodies
Fuel: E85
Liners: Cast in steel liners
Valve Train: Double overhead camshafts, direct acting tappets, chain drive
Ignition: Volvo B8444S coil on plug
Injection: Port injection, one injector per cylinder, injection pressure: 5.5 bar

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