Video: Dytko Volkswagen Polo custom-built 400hp rally car

Eko Racing Team and Dytko Sport have built this custom-made Volkswagen Polo rally car to compete in the 2012 FIA European Hill Climb Championship.

We’ve all wanted to create our own rally car, but this Eko Racing Team Dytko Volkswagen Polo just takes it to new levels. It features a full Polo WRC-style widebody kit with all the flares, vents and scoops for optimum downforce and cooling, as well as a completely stripped out cabin with an extensive roll cage system and racing bucket seats.

Underneath it all sits an all-wheel drive drivetrain, racing gearbox, and a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 298kW of power (400hp). It helps the Polo do 0-100km/h in around 4.0 seconds. The engine, by the sounds of it, also features a proper, hairy-chested anti-lag system, evident by the spits, pops, and flames coming from the exhaust.

It sure looks like a little pocket of fun. Click play on the video below for some cool testing footage on an empty airfield. Nice work.