Toyota creates the ultimate Camry sleeper, 634kW

Just a regular US-spec Toyota Camry, right? Wrong. Toyota Motorsport technical centre has converted this humble family sedan into a fully blown drag car.

Toyota Camry Sleeper drag car

And we mean fully blown. It might not look like it but under that rather innocent-looking body is a 5.7-litre supercharged V8 taken from the US Tundra pickup truck. The unit is modified with custom pistons and uses nitrous to produce 634kW of power.

You see, the body is a bespoke one-piece skin which lifts up to reveal the dragster-like tube chassis arrangement underneath. There’s no longer five seats. Now there is just the single racing bucket and racing cockpit.

At the back the Camry uses a heavy-duty live axle rear suspension setup with 18-inch alloy wheels wearing huge 335/30 tyres on the back to maximise traction. Underneath also houses a custom MagnaFlow exhaust system.

About the only thing that is standard, or at least standing-looking, is the body shape, some of the interior door panels, and minor trimmings. The rest of it has been built with one purpose in mind; to carve up the drag strip. Toyota predicts a quarter mile time of around 9.8 seconds.

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Toyota Camry Sleeper drag car-body

You would have to admit this is one of the best Camry sleepers around. It is cool that Toyota has built this crazy conversion in-house, showing it does have a creative side. It makes its debut at the SEMA Show starting today.

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