Slammed Mercedes-Benz CLS by SR Auto looks menacing

If you’re looking to make an impact with the way you modify your Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class, this recently finished jet black version by SR Auto might give you some inspiration.

SR Auto Mercedes-Benz CLS-rear

One of the main elements in this case that leaves the biggest impact are the cool, deep-dish double three-spoke PUR Wheels, 5IVE Depth alloys. These sit very snug inside the wheel arches thanks to a suspension kit which slams the sleek four-door coupe for a very low and fat stance.

To ensure the car is heard before it is seen, the V8 engine is given a freer flowing set of lungs, so to speak, with a full Lorinser exhaust system.

SR Auto Mercedes-Benz CLS-black

Other mods include body extensions with a chunkier and lower rear bumper bar, a sharp front lip and spoiler, and a neat set of side skirts. There’s also a roof-mounted lip spoiler and boot spoiler to complete the look.

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This is what you call imposing. Check out the view down the side of the car, with the wheels almost flush with the bulging wheel arches.

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