Prior Design develops wide-body kit for 720hp Nissan GT-R

With the current generation GT-R, or ‘Godzilla’ as it’s known, hanging up its boots in a couple of years, that hasn’t stopped tuners from finding new ways to enhance the supercar. Prior Design, for one, has you covered, recently introducing the PD750WB GT-R wide-body conversion.

Prior Design Nissan GT-R-rear

The wide-body GT-R has been fitted with a number of aftermarket and custom pieces. Starting from the front of the vehicle, we can see a new custom front bar with enlarged air intakes and a custom lip spoiler. The side profile has also been given some treatment with custom side skirts and larger wheel arches to fit the massive 21-inch wheels, nicely dished on the rear.

Blending in with the racy wide-body theme the GT-R has been given a new three-piece rear diffuser system with vertical fins. Interestingly, Prior Design has decided to stay with the original rear spoiler. It’s all dressed in a superb matt black finish.

To match the aggressive look, the engine has also been given the Prior Design touch. The 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 output is increased from the standard 404kW and 628Nm rating, to a mind-bending 720hp (573 kW) and 820Nm. Acceleration figures haven’t been mentioned but given the standard car can shoot from 0-100km/h in just 2.7 seconds, we think this beast should be capable of doing it in well below 2.5 seconds.

Prior Design also offers a custom free-flow catalytic converter for the exhaust, and a set of fully adjustable KW ‘Variant 3’ coil-overs replacing the standard suspension.

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