PP-Performance Audi TT RS ‘Black & White’ kit announced

October 31, 2013

The Audi TT RS is already a firecracker of a car. PP-Performance has just announced a tuning package for the beast, enhancing styling and driving performance.

PP-Performance Audi TT RS-side

Called the ‘Black & White’ package, for obvious reasons, the TT RS tune comes with a new intercooler, a freer flowing exhaust system, and a higher flowing fuel pump to ensure maximum combustion.

Power is boosted from the factory 250kW rating to a very impressive 346kW. Torque is also increased from 450Nm to a monstrous (for a small sports car) 650Nm. This should allow the TT to sprint from 0-100km/h in an even quicker time than the already-ballistic factory 4.0 seconds.

To give the PP-Performance TT a distinctive look, there’s a carbon fibre bodykit including new front and rear spoilers, a carbon bonnet, side mirrors, and a unique rear diffuser. PP also offers a beefier clutch system to handle the power increase, and a more serious ceramic braking package.

As we said, the TT RS is already a phenomenal machine as is. With almost 100kW extra, it must be an absolute blast with this upgrade.

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