PerformanceDrive announces Performance Data table, more thorough testing

PerformanceDrive is proud to announce it will be testing vehicles more thoroughly to provide you with more in-depth stats and figures.

Racelogic VBOX Sport-decibel

Using our VBOX Sport GPS timing tool we will now test every vehicle for not only 0-100km/h, but also 0-60km/h, 1/8 mile, 1/4 mile (not 0-400m), and 100-0km/h emergency braking.

As usual, we will be testing vehicles on a flat, smooth and arrow-straight private road, in dry conditions (unless otherwise stated). But instead of quoting the average time, we’ll be quoting the best acceleration and braking times we achieved out of three runs.

Figures will then be incorporated into our searchable Performance Data table (found here), allowing you to compare different new-model vehicles and class standards. It is only early days so the table is small right now but look forward to plenty more times added every week. We’ve included a few results from vehicles that we are currently testing, with the reviews coming soon.

Additionally, we will also be testing every vehicle for sound using a dedicated decibel gauge. We’re testing the peak decibel during full-throttle acceleration (60-100km/h), as well as engine idle, and the car’s standard stereo system at maximum volume, with the equaliser at the default setting, using a fast temp rock song (Airbourne – Runnin’ Wild).

To maintain maximum consistency all sound samples are taken from inside the car at shoulder height, just above the centre console, with the device directed forward.

We thought about taking engine sounds directly from the exhaust but came to the conclusion this would be too difficult and inconsistent due to possible wind and bird noises. The exact positioning and angle from the exhaust pipe would also be too difficult to manage for each vehicle.

Sound figures won’t be included in the Performance Data table. Instead, these will be placed in the specifications box within each car review (as example below). Performance figures will also be included in the review. Videos will continue as usual but we will add all of the performance figures at the end. We hope you enjoy.

PerformanceDrive spec box