Mercedes-Benz artistically celebrates 17 million Facebook Fans

Mercedes-Benz’s fan community on Facebook exceeded the 17 million mark this month. To celebrate the milestone, the brand with the star has created a wall-mounted tape installation depicting the exterior of the new Mercedes-AMG GT coupe.

Mercedes-Benz Facebook 17 million

A few designers spent numerous hours trying to create a detailed image of the company’s new sports car. They did it using special, mostly black and grey adhesive tape of different thicknesses.

The end result is quite astonishing as it captures the car’s design and the effects light has on it. The installation is currently on display at the AMG Private Lounge in Affalterbach, Germany.

Not only is the size of the fan base impressive, according to the latest study by socialBench, one of the leading social media analytics companies, Mercedes-Benz has by far the most valuable Facebook presence of all automotive brands, with a value of over 7.2 million euros (about AU$10.3 million).

Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz is the first automotive manufacturer to use the Instagram platform for advertising purposes. This shows how successfully and innovatively Mercedes-Benz uses social networks to address customers and potential buyers of the brand.