KW Audi A6 Avant with phone app adjustable suspension

How’s this for a cool daily wagon? It’s an Audi A6 Avant which was recently modified by KW Suspension. It features a unique brown exterior colour, and suspension which can be adjusted via a smart phone application.

KW Audi A6 Avant with 21in wheels

Demonstrating KW’s latest KW DDC ECU coilover suspension, the A6’s dampers can be set in three different modes; Comfort, Sport, and Sport+. Each mode provides an according bound and rebound setting to suit certain driving styles and conditions.

Additionally, the suspension can be adjusted for ride height, offering a difference of 25mm between low and high. In its lowest setting, the A6 Avant looks alluringly sexy.

To top off the project car, KW decided to fit a set of 9.0- by 21-inch RSQ1 SL Wheels. These are finished in a matching brown colour with bronze highlights.

As a potential tuned daily driver, the Audi A6 Avant scrubs up quite nicely indeed.