Ferrari FF gift for Fernando Alonso for winning Malaysian F1 GP

Fernando Alonso has been given a Ferrari FF as a gift from Ferrari for winning the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix last weekend. The car adds to Alonso’s growing list of exceptional gift vehicles.

Both Alonso and Massa were given a Rosso Corsa Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 earlier this year, featuring a range of bespoke features. This time it may not be a special edition, but it is a spanking new Ferrari FF.

The Ferrari FF is Ferrari’s first-ever all-wheel drive vehicle, and first production Ferrari in shooting brake layout. It’s powered by a 6.3-litre V12 engine producing 485kW of power and 683Nm of torque.

Fernando Alonso took out the Malaysian GP after rain jumbled up the more typical field order. Ferrari, along with Alonso’s driving skill, implemented a great strategy to claim the points.

Alonso now sits in top position in terms of driver’s ranking, sitting five points ahead of Lewis Hamilton.