Video: 2018-2019 Toyota LandCruiser 78 Series – Detailed review

Believe it or not, we think the 70 Series Toyota LandCruiser is one of the most entertaining and most engaging vehicles currently on the market. Wait, what? Yep, it’s a pretty big statement but it’s true. We know, some explaining is in order.

Today’s cars are filled with driver-removing technologies and luxury, and they are very well insulated and refined, cocooning the passengers from the outside world. The 70 Series LandCruiser is raw and unfiltered. It’s almost the complete opposite, but in a good way. The pillars are thin and the windows are big, and yes there are noises. All kinds of noises. From road roar to clattering diesel combustion, even some of the controls and switches make a noise.

But this is all really good stuff, in our opinion anyway. Obviously a brand new car, as in, one that’s just been designed, couldn’t get away with this. The 70 Series does though because it has an old soul. And that’s what we love about it the most. You can buy it like it’s brand new.

There is no other car currently on the market in Australia that’s actually an old vehicle that you can still buy new. Aside from the Mitsubishi Lancer of course. When you experience the 70 Series for the first time it’s like checking out an immaculately restored classic. You’re amazed that everything is so shiny and new.

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We thought we’d put together a detailed test drive video for you while it’s still available. We suspect Toyota Australia will soon have to stop selling it due to safety and emissions standards being lifted higher and higher. This makes this writer in particular very sad.

Out of all of the vehicles I test drove in 2018, this navy blue LandCruiser 78 Series Troop Carrier was one of the most entertaining. It was one of those press cars that I didn’t want to return. If I had the money I’d buy a 76 Series (wagon) in GXL form at the drop of a hat, and option for the 16-inch steel rims as featured here on this GXL Troopy.

We will be putting together a more conventional review in our usual format soon, and we’ll go over more of the details including the off-road talent and the specs. Oh, and yes there is a 0-100km/h video coming too. In the meantime check out 30 minutes of 78 Series magnificence in the video below.

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