Ferrari California T unveiled, first new-gen turbo Ferrari

The new Ferrari California T has been revealed. It’s unconfirmed at this stage if it is the 149M Project the company has been teasing us about over the past few weeks.

Ferrari California T

Borrowing its design language from the F12 flagship, the California T is an updated version of the California using a new front end, more aggressive rear end, and, you guessed it, a turbocharged engine.

The engine is derived from the Maserati 3.8-litre (3855cc) twin-turbo V8. In the Ferrari it produces 412kW (560CV) of power and a whopping 755Nm of torque. This offers significantly more power and torque than the current 4.3-litre naturally aspirated V8 California (338kW/485Nm).

Ferrari says this is the first time virtually zero turbo-lag has been achieved from an engine of this type. The engine uses a Variable Boost Management system to optimise response and power delivery.

Ferrari California T-rear

Out on the road, the California T is able to conquer 0-100km/h in just 3.6 seconds. Despite the cracking performance, fuel economy is improved by 15 per cent compared with the current California (13.1L/100km).

Interestingly, Ferrari wanted to ensure the turbo engine produces an exhilarating Ferrari V8 soundtrack. To achieve this, the engine uses a flat-plane crankshaft, special manufacturing techniques for intake components, and a three-piece cast exhaust manifold and turbo housing.

It will go on sale later this year. Australian prices are yet to be announced.