AWE Tuning Audi S5 claims world record quarter mile

Brett Davis

Renowned Audi/Volkswagen tuning company AWE Tuning has broken the world quarter-mile record with its comprehensive upgrade package for the Audi S5.

AWE Audi S5-front

AWE Tuning ran a quarter mile in 11.883 seconds running on regular 93 octane (US) petrol, which the company claims is a world record for a B8 or B8.5 S5 running on regular fuel.

The car in question is one of AWE’s research and development cars and it is used as a daily driver by staff, with its distinct Samoa Orange exterior colour. AWE VP of marketing Jesse Kramer said,

“We wanted to see what we could do with no prep. Spare tyre was still in, all the seats in, 20-inch wheels and pump fuel. We’ve said in the past that we enjoy operating at the intersection of performance and complete practicality. This new record still demonstrates that.”

AWE Audi S5-back

Specifically, the tune is for the B8 and B8.5 model Audi S5 and its 3.0-litre supercharged V6 petrol engine, as well as the S-Tronic seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The kit used on the car that ran the time consists of the following upgrades:

  • AWE Tuning B8.5 Stage 2 pulley kit with G.I.A.C. Stage 2 performance software
  • AWE Tuning S5 3.0T performance exhaust with 102mm diamond black tips
  • AWE Tuning Audi B8 3.0T resonated downpipes
  • AWE Tuning B8.5 S-FLO carbon intake kit with S-FLO Filter
  • AWE Tuning ColdFront heat exchanger with protection screen
  • AWE Tuning ColdFront reservoir
  • AWE Tuning ColdFront coolant pump
  • AWE Tuning vent-mounted boost gauge with AWE Tuning 3.0T boost Tap
  • G.I.A.C. DSG DL501 S-Tronic transmission software
  • H&R Street Performance coilovers
  • H&R 30mm adjustable front and 24mm non-adjustable rear sway bars
  • Brembo 380mm GT brake kit
  • Forgeline 20×10-inch VX3C Concave wheels 275/30R20 Falken Azenis FK453 tyres
  • SPC adjustable front control arms w/AWE Tuning wiring harness relocation kit
  • EuroGear carbon fiber front splitter

All AWE parts can be bought and bolted straight onto the Audi S5. Need more convincing? The video below shows the record-breaking run.

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