Alfa Romeo to introduce 7 new models by 2018

March 24, 2014

Seven new Alfa Romeo models are being planned, ready for the market by 2018. The models will include a drop-top version of the stunning 4C, as well as new sedans and wagons, and even SUVs.


As part of a plan to more than quadruple brand sales, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will expand the Italian marque’s showroom to give it increased market coverage.

According to a recent AutoBild report in Germany, new models will include sedan and wagon versions of the Giulia, which will be a BMW 3 Series rival, as well as sedan and wagon versions of the upcoming BMW 5 Series rival, the Alfetta.

At least two SUVs are also on the way to put up a fight in one of the most popular market segments, with a smaller one said to appear in 2017 and a larger one coming in 2018.

The group is aiming to completely turn around Alfa by 2016, and turn it into a profiting brand in Europe. At the moment sales in the region are struggling.

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