Lamborghini previews special 50th anniversary model

Lamborghini is planning to reveal a very special new car later this year as a way of celebrating the company’s 50th birthday. Unfortunately, this teaser image is all we have to go by so far, in terms of specs and styling.

The special Lamborghini could be an ultra unique V12 monster based on the current Aventador. Distinguishing features could include a dramatic carbon fibre body with sharp extensions and spoilers, and intricate details throughout.

Official details are yet to be uncovered though of course, so it’s almost anyone’s guess.

In terms of official details, the only clue Lamborghini has given was through CEO Stephan Winkelmann. He previously said that the creation would not be a retro remake type vehicle, instead, it will be a bespoke car.

As far as we know, the car will be shown at the end of an epic tour Lamborghini is planning in May. The tour is open to all Lamborghini owners around the world, and will venture through most of Italy.

It will eventually end at the company’s headquarters in Bologna, where the car is expected to be shown.

Stay tuned for plenty more updates.