Porsche global sales in 2020 down 3.0%, Australia up 2.0%

Global Porsche new vehicle sales were down just 3.0 per in 2020 compared with 2019, despite a hectic year battle through the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

The storied German sportscar maker shipped 272,162 new vehicles during 2020, down from 280,800 reported in 2019. And that was a record year for the company. So for 2020 to be down by only 3.0 per cent is an applaudable effort.

Out of those units, 20,015 were of the all-new Taycan fully electric sedan. This model had to endure a six-week production stop due to the pandemic just as new orders were building up, too. However, its most popular model was the Cayenne, contributing 92,860 sales. That means it overtook the Macan as the most popular new Porsche.

Figures for the Macan haven’t been mentioned, but Porsche says the 718 Boxster and Cayman did well, with 21,784 sales, while the iconic 911 returned 34,328 sales. Speaking about the results, Detlev von Platen, member of the board at Porsche AG, said:

“The corona crisis posed a great challenge from spring 2020 onwards. Nevertheless, we were able to keep deliveries comparatively stable for the year as a whole. Our fresh, attractive product range, the successful start of the Taycan as the first all-electric Porsche and the charisma of our brand – all this contributed to this positive result despite the difficult times.”

In terms of the most popular single market region, it was China. The country made up 88,968 units, up 3.0 per cent compared with 2019. The USA added 61,568 units, down 7.0 per cent, with Germany contributing 31,618 units, down 17 per cent.

As for Australia, we contributed 4243 sales in 2020, which is actually a 2.0 per cent increase on 2019. The most popular model locally was the Macan, with 2158 sales (up 7.4 per cent), and then the Cayenne with 791 units (down 39.2 per cent), followed by the Cayenne Coupe with 594 sales (new model). Interestingly (and somewhat disappointingly) these are all SUVs.