2018 Audi RS 5 debuts with 2.9TT V6, on sale later this year

The next-generation Audi RS 5 has bowed at the Geneva motor show, swapping 4.2-litre V8 power for a more efficient boosted 2.9-litre V6 twin-turbo.

Power matches its predecessor at 331kW, but torque increases by 170Nm to 600Nm, available much lower in the rev-range at 1900-5000rpm. The outgoing naturally aspirated screamer made peak torque at 4000-6000rpm on its way to the 8250rpm redline.

As a result of this increased tractability, 0-100km/h drops to 3.9 seconds, which compares with 4.7 of the old V8. Top speed is 280km/h.

Compared with the A5/S5, the body has been widened by 15mm with functional front and rear diffusers. A unique and aggressive front end separates it from the tamer models on which it is based. It features matrix LED headlights with a unique signature.

The cabin is decorated with red highlights, unique leather trim pattern and RS visuals for the Virtual Cockpit and infotainment system. A heads-up display and active safety features help minimise distractions for the driver.

The RS 5 will make it to Australia in the last quarter of this year. Prices are yet to be confirmed.