Ford FPV F6

Top 10 fast Aussie sixes – Part One

Jul 12, 2017

The V8-powered muscle cars from Ford, Holden and Chrysler will always be regarded as the outright Aussie-made kings of the road in Australia, but there were a number of six-cylinder performance models produced over the...

2015 Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo to feature FPV F6 310kW engine?

Jul 23, 2014

With the new Ford Falcon XR8 all-but-confirmed to feature the FPV GT 335kW supercharged V8, the new XR6 Turbo and G6E Turbo could receive the 310kW 4.0-litre six-cylinder found in the F6. With FPV closed...

2012 FPV F6 FG MKII review (video)

Mar 17, 2012

Whether you like Holden or Ford, there is no denying the Aussie-built 2012 FPV F6 FG MKII is a very, very fast and intimidating piece of work. Once you get it going (and get traction),...

2012 Ford FPV F6 MkII preview (video)

Mar 09, 2012

PerformanceDrive is preparing its full review of the new 2012 Ford FPV F6 MkII. The 2012 update features a number of minor styling tweaks, new wheels, and a new in-car interface. As previously reported, all...

2012 Ford FPV FG MkII range prices announced

Dec 06, 2011

FPV has released prices for the new 2012 Ford FPV FG MkII range. All models will feature a new touch-screen 8.0-inch Interior Command Centre (ICC) infotainment interface, some exterior styling tweaks, and a no-cost optional...