Ford Falcon G6E

Video: 551kW Ford FG Falcon G6E is one tough sleeper

Jan 02, 2015

How’s this for a cool sleeper sedan. It’s an FG Ford Falcon G6E Turbo that produces 738hp at the wheels, capable of dusting off quarter mile times in under 10 seconds. The friendly Falcon features...

2015 Ford Falcon FG X image gallery anticipates Dec. 1 debut

Nov 27, 2014

With the official market launch of the 2015 Ford Falcon FG X just a few days away, Ford Australia’s marketing department has released a whole heap of new images to get everyone excited. It is...

2015 Ford Falcon fuel economy improved 9%, interior revealed

Oct 07, 2014

When the 2015 Ford Falcon arrives later this year it will boast reduced fuel consumption over the outgoing FG model with up to nine per cent improvements for the 4.0-litre base model, according to Ford....

2015 Ford Falcon on sale from $35,900

Sep 25, 2014

Ahead of its November debut, Ford Australia has just released its pricing structure for the upcoming 2015 Ford Falcon. Price cuts are across the board for all Falcon models, starting with the Falcon sedan 4.0-litre...

2015 Ford Falcon lineup confirmed, 270kW for XR6 Turbo

Sep 10, 2014

Along side the 2015 Territory details, Ford Australia has announced the model lineup for the 2015 Falcon range. It will be available in Falcon, G6E, G6E Turbo, XR6, XR6 Turbo, and XR8 form. This is...

2015 Ford Falcon FG X name confirmed, rear end revealed

Aug 14, 2014

The name of the 2015 Ford Falcon, the last-ever Falcon, has been confirmed. It will be called the FG X. Some images of the rear-end have also been revealed for the first time. Ford says...

2015 Ford Falcon G6E rear end spotted

Jul 29, 2014

An image showing the rear end of the 2015 Ford Falcon G6E has surfaced online, following the official front-end photos released by Ford last week and yesterday. This is the very first glimpse of the...

2015 Ford Falcon G6E revealed

Jul 28, 2014

Ford has taken the covers off the new 2015 Ford Falcon G6E luxury sedan. This is the second-last variant to be revealed, following the XR6 and XR8. Ford fans are now just waiting to see...

Drag race: 2014 Ford Falcon G6E vs 2014 Kia Koup Turbo

Jun 24, 2014

Just for fun we’ve put together a quick video showing the difference in straight-line performance between raw Aussie cubic inches versus new-age turbo tech. Specifically, a battle between the 2014 Ford Falcon G6E and 2014...

2013 Ford Falcon G6E EcoBoost review (video)

Jun 21, 2013

The 2013 Ford Falcon G6E EcoBoost is just one of three Falcon models to be fitted with a turbocharged four-cylinder motor – a first ever for a large Australian-made sedan. The EcoBoost’s objective is it...

2013 Ford Falcon G6E Turbo FG MKII review (video)

Jun 08, 2013

If you're hunting for the best turbocharged performance sedan under $60k, we've found it; the 2013 Ford Falcon G6E Turbo FG MKII. ...

2012 Ford Falcon G6E Turbo FG MKII review (video)

Jul 09, 2012

What we have here is the very impressive 2012 Ford Falcon G6E Turbo FG MKII. Think of it as an XR6 Turbo in a tux’ – it shares the same powertrain, but offers a more...

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