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2015 Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo to feature FPV F6 310kW engine?

July 23, 2014

With the new Ford Falcon XR8 all-but-confirmed to feature the FPV GT 335kW supercharged V8, the new XR6 Turbo and G6E Turbo could receive the 310kW 4.0-litre six-cylinder found in the F6.

FPV F6 310

With FPV closed for business post GT-F, we’re hearing noise that the 310kW engine used in the FPV F6 could be on the cards as a replacement for Ford’s current 270kW engine.

The last time the XR6 Turbo received a power hike was way back in 2008, going from 245kW to 270kW with the arrival of the FG model.

By using the F6 engine Ford Australia would undoubtedly heighten interest in the turbocharged model, which has become a bit of a performance car hero since it was introduced back in 2002 – bringing it closer to its XR8 brother’s anticipated 335kW output.

The FPV F6 is one of the fastest Australian-made sedans ever made, with many motoring stables throughout the country reporting 0-100km/h in under 5.0 seconds. It also has huge potential in the aftermarket world.

Likely to look visually more upmarket than the FG model it’s set to replace, the 2015 Ford Falcon will feature an all-new front and rear design that falls into place with Ford’s latest global design cues.

The new Falcon is set to launch in November, with on-sale dates and specifications yet to be formally announced.

PerformanceDrive has contacted Ford Australia for comment. We’ll update this story when we hear more.

UPDATE: Ford Australia has confirmed the 2015 Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo will continue to use the 270kW tune. Click this link for the full specifications.

Josh was one of the original co-founders of PerformanceDrive. His expertise is car culture and aftermarket performance. He was the editor at Hot4s Magazine for a few years, and has since worked at Fast Fours, Zoom, and as a journalist for The Project Group.

  • Chris Brown

    lets fuckin hope so

  • Concerned Economist

    To Josh Bennis – this is an incredible story. You are the only one writing about this possibility in Australia. You must have some special contacts! I’d be a buyer for a 310kw XR6T. It would make such sense to put this motor in the XR as it would really stick it up Holden. I’d say it would be a collector item in years to come as the F6 probably will be. All those strengthened pistons and connecting rods Ford procured for F6 will go to waste if they don’t build the beast. Not to mention the research and design in making that motor what it is. Am I correct in saying it is the last remaining power icon that was built from the ground up here in Australia? I think I am. What a magnificent motor to buy in your final Falcon. If it is possible I reckon Ford would be crazy not to use the F6 motor in their regular production XR6T. Surely they wouldn’t let this chance of having such a hero car see them out – especially with GTS making waves for them. Holden simply don’t have an answer to a 310 (+?) kw six.

  • Piston Pete

    Hey guys, I thought that the F6 internals are the same as the XR 6 turbo. Cheers Pete.

  • BrianDH

    No Pete, the internals were strengthened. That’s why it is such a special beast, it should last forever. I’m kicking myself I didn’t get one when I could. It will rate even better than E49 Charger many years down the road. Only the slimmest of hope now that Ford will release XR6 with ‘THAT’ motor. The new XR6 details are out there and public. Unless they pull a happy swifty and release this some time after as a ‘special’ I fear we’ve lost F6 goodness forever. Such a shame but, hey, we’re getting used to disappointments in the Aus car sector, right?! Try to keep the faith all!

  • BrianDH

    Josh, Love to see you and the other Journos get a bit creative and pump your sources to discover if we really have lost the F6 motor forever. I’m currently angling for a buy, either GTS, XR8 or maybe XR6T. Would love to know I neeed to hold out for a ‘special’ XR6 with 310+ KWs. Come back to us Josh?

    • Brett Davis

      Hi BrianDH,
      Ford Australia has confirmed the FG X XR6 Turbo will continue with its 270kW tune, unfortunately.
      See our full report on specifications here: http://performancedrive.com.au/2015-ford-falcon-lineup-confirmed-270kw-xr6-turbo-1017/
      Thanks for your comment. We have updated the end of this story accordingly.

      • BrianDH

        Thanks for the reply Brett, When I referenced the “special” XR6 I was mindful that Ford had already announced the full specs of the ‘standard’ XR6T. I was more thinking of a very recent story I read somewhere that said because the popularity of the FGX was so high (specifically XR8) Ford were wanting to make some ‘specials’ before 2016 and a few possibilities were mentioned. Reading between the lines (or just too hopefull?!) I got the impression a 310KW version could still be on the cards in ADDITION to the normal XR6T. Here’s hoping! Love to see that investigative journalism to prove my hopes right or wrong . . .

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