Walkinshaw Performance W457 & W497 kits announced

Not happy with the massive power of the new Gen-F HSV GTS? Holden specialist Walkinshaw Performance has come up with upgrade packages for the VF Commodore and HSV that will cause your eyeballs to explode out of their sockets just reading the output figures.

Walkinshaw Performance W497-rear

Starting with VF Commodore’s 6.0-litre V8, which produces 270kW in manual transmission form, the new Walkinshaw W457 package adds a supercharger to the beastly engine, along with some other mods. Power is boosted to an almighty 457kW and 780Nm.

If you think your rear tyres will still last too long before wearing out, there’s the W497 package for the HSV range (except GTS). It takes power from 317kW/340kW out to a truly frightening 497kW and 955Nm.

Walkinshaw hasn’t spoke of any performance acceleration figures, however, we’d be betting a 0-100km/h time of… or more specifically, a full-to-zero tyre tread time of two street blocks.

In both packages, the heart of the kit is an Eaton 2300 supercharger. The kits also come with a water-to-air intercooler setup, 12-inch intake runners and a cold-air induction, as well as a full exhaust system with ceramic-coated headers.

Incredibly, both kits coincide with the factory three-year/100,000km warranty, which means you can enjoy the epic performance without having to worry about the financial hardship of certain mechanical breakdowns, should any occur.

Prices for either package start at $18,990, and are available for a variety of VF Commodore and Gen-F HSV models.

We can’t help but wonder what 497kW feels like in a family sedan. Something like skydiving in a comfortable lounge chair perhaps?