Lorinser gives new Mercedes-Benz E-Class subtle tune

German tuning company Lorinser has unveiled packages for the W213 E-Class which includes styling upgrades as well as more power for the engines. The company has been hotting-up Benzes since 1930 and thus eminently qualified to apply tasteful modifications to the latest E-Class techno sedan.


Carbon fibre bodykit additions include side skirts, a tasteful rear wing, rear bumper applique, exhaust pipe housings and front splitter, which according to the company contributes to superior downforce.

Rolling stock is 21-inch Lorinser RS11 alloys which are forged in-house. They are tucked into 255/30 tyres at the front and 295/25 fatties at the rear. The whole car has a lower stance thanks to a reduction in ride height.

Engine wise, upgrades are available for the E 350 d or AMG E 43 variants. The diesel V6 of the E 350 d is upgraded to 221kW and 695Nm, from 190kW/620Nm, while the E 43’s twin-turbo petrol V6 is bumped up from 295kW and 520Nm to 324kW and 600Nm. In standard form these models perform 0-100km/h in 5.9 seconds and 4.6 seconds, respectively. The Lorinser tunes should see these number tumble.

As a guide, the additional cost for a full package on the E 43 is €14,935 (about AU$21,353). What do you think? Would you spend the money on a tasteful enhancement package for your Benz? Or is over $20,000 best spent on other things?