Hennessey unveils new track weapon; 1355kW Venom F5 Revolution

Alexi Falson

American tuning house and car manufacturer, Hennessey, has taken the wraps off its latest creation, the Venom F5 Revolution. It has been developed with high-speed cornering in mind rather than outrageous straight-line speed.

While a new aero kit and significant weight reductions are at top of the spec sheet, we can’t help but drop our jaws at the astronomical 1355kW output from the Venom F5’s 6.6-litre twin-turbo V8, which tortures the rear wheels via an automated single-clutch transmission.

No 0-100km/h or top speed numbers have been mentioned in the initial release, although Hennessey is keen to point out that it has shaved the weight figure down to 1360kg, making it the lightest member of the Venom F5 family.

Significant weight reductions, combined with a more aggressive aerodynamic package – complete with a massive, adjustable rear wing that creates 362kg of downforce at 300km/h – make the Revolution the most track-focused creation we’ve seen from Hennessey.

The Venom F5 Revolution comes riding on a set of forged alloy wheels, with braking power supplied by a set of carbon-ceramic discs. Underneath, there’s double-wishbone suspension front and rear with a set of fully-adjustable dampers that allows its owner to tailor the suspension for a certain track setup.

Priced at around US$2.7 million, the Venom F5 Revolution’s production run will be limited to just 24 units around the globe, with an official debut set for the Miami Concours d’Elegance on January 15. Founder and CEO, John Hennessey, said:

“The new Venom F5 Revolution Coupe combines our outstanding 1817hp V8 ‘Fury’ combustion engine with our lightest and most capable chassis. The hypercar, which is astoundingly fast, is at home on a racing circuit where utmost handling is paramount – it offers the nimbleness of a fighter jet, with the powerplant like a Saturn V rocket.”

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