For Sale: 1969 Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase I at Shannons auction

Brett Davis

An original 1969 Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase I will go under the hammer at the Shannons Melbourne Spring Auction on September 12. The rare GT-HO is in original condition and comes with the original 351-cubic-inch V8 engine and four-speed manual transmission.

According to Shannons, the 1969 Falcon GT-HO has been owned by the same owner since 1983. It comes with the original paint in traditional red with black and gold stripes, and features the original Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase I Super Roo logos on the front guards.

In its day, the 1969 Ford Falcon GT-HO featured a 351ci V8 engine pumping out around 224kW of power. That amount of power was almost unheard of in its day, let alone for a relatively conservative family sedan.

Conservative it wasn’t though, with some tests indicating performance figures that are significant enough to scare even modern-day sports cars. From 0-100km/h in around 5-6 seconds to quarter-mile times in the mid-14 seconds range, the 1969 Ford Falcon GT-HO was an extremely quick bit of gear.

Shannons expects this Falcon GT-HO Phase I example to fetch between $80,000 and $90,000. If only we all bought one from new, at the original price of $4495.


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