For Sale: RWD Volkswagen Golf with 807hp mid-mounted V6T

Brett Davis

Take one 2001 Volkswagen Golf GTI hatch, and fill it with a custom mid-mounted Audi S4 2.7-litre turbocharged V6, and what you’re left with is one ballistic rear-wheel drive hatch.

034Motorsport Volkswagen GTI-RS-rear

Known as the 034Motorsport Volkswagen Golf GTI-RS, the custom creation is fairly well known in the US. It picked up the overall win at the 2011 Eurotuner Magazine Grand Prix, and was featured on the cover in 2010.

Almost every aspect of the car is custom modified. Much of the rear end, including the suspension, is borrowed from a Porsche 996 911 Turbo, while the drivetrain uses an Audi 01E 2WD six-speed transmission.

To accommodate the engine, which is mounted in the boot of the Golf, the rear of the body had to be widened. It features custom fabrication with bolstered wheel arches, and a neat little race-style air intake just in front of the rear wheels.

034Motorsport Volkswagen GTI-RS-Audi S4 2.7 V6 engine

As for the engine, it’s an older Audi S4 2.7-litre turbocharged V6. It features a stonking great Garrett GT42RS turbocharger, Pauter conrods with ARP bolts, JE pistons with a compression ratio of 9.0:1, billet main bearing caps, ported heads and bigger valves, performance CAT cams, dual Tial 38mm V-Band wastegates, and a custom exhaust system.

There’s also a 034EFI Stage IIc engine computer and an AIM Sports MXL Pro dash interface. As a result, the package has laid down 807.2hp at the wheels, which is 602kW – around four times the power of today’s Golf GTI Mk6.

Other tasty mods include Porsche 993 911 Turbo front brakes, 18-inch 996 911 Turbo wheels, a comprehensive Ohlins three-way adjustable suspension setup, an NHRA-approved roll bar, and a Golf R32 sports steering wheel.

The entire package is currently up for sale in the US, with an asking price of US$60,000 (approximately AU$63,507 after a straight conversion). Head over to the 034Motorsport website for more details.

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