BRABUS Rocket 900 takes new Mercedes-Maybach to extreme

The mentally unstable ladies and gents at BRABUS have worked their magic on the new Mercedes-Maybach S 600, and the results are insane. We’ll give you a hint, it’s called the Rocket 900.

BRABUS Rocket 900 Mercedes-Maybach

Far from just a few cosmetic tweaks, BRABUS has increased the capacity of the V12 powerhouse, up from 6.0 litres to 6.3 litres. But this is BRABUS remember, so it has also bolted on a new set of turbochargers with larger compressors.

The end result of all this witchcraft is a jump in power from 390kW/830Nm to a stratospheric 662kW/1500Nm. This means that despite weighing more than a small block of apartments, it will rocket from 0-100km/h in 3.7 seconds, and continue on to a top speed of 350km/h.

To give the luxury limousine a distinct look, BRABUS has installed a new set of bumper bars, a rear diffuser, subtle rear spoiler, and new 21-inch alloy wheels. Inside, the BRABUS treatment has added more leather, wood and carbon fiber to the already luxurious interior.

And to keep all of the CEOs and businessmen owners connected, BRABUS has installed Apple’s latest iBusiness infotainment suite. This is what you call a stately machine.