BMW M3 Vorsteiner GTS-V Track Line kit

November 8, 2011

Tuning company Vorsteiner has come up with a new kit called the BMW M3 Vorsteiner GTS-V Track Line. It features a fully functioning carbon fibre aero kit and various track-ready revisions.

The front of the BMW M3 Vorsteiner GTS-V Track Line kit includes a new bumper bar with an integrated lower spoiler and carbon fibre air ducting section. These ducts feed loads of air on and into the front brakes, improving brake performance.

The front end also gets a new carbon fibre spoiler that lifts air up and around the M3. While Vorsteiner was at it, a new carbon fibre underside was also developed which is said to save weight over the standard plastic item.

At the back, the BMW M3 Vorsteiner GTS-V Track Line kit includes a neat carbon fibre diffuser and splitter layout, wrapped around the quad exhaust outlets. Vorsteiner also developed a lip spoiler that extends off the factory boot lid edge, blending nicely with the natural contours.

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As for mechanical performance changes, the BMW M3 Vorsteiner GTS-V Track Line feature cars gets lowered suspension and lightweight racing Volk alloy wheels. The additional stripes and stickers then give the BMW M3 a distinct tuner theme. What do you think?

Head over to Teamspeed for more images and details.

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