2024 Volkswagen Tiguan prototype spotted, wears minimal camouflage (video)

Brett Davis

Volkswagen has been spotted testing what appears to be a relatively camouflage-free prototype version of the third-generation, 2024 Tiguan in freezing conditions.

On first inspection, the prototype appears to be wearing its full production-spec body. However, details around the front end, particularly the new bumper bar and lower grille section, are still wearing black sheeting and disorienting wrap. Even the main grille in the middle looks to have some fake lines running across to confuse us onlookers.

Looking closer and we can see the headlights are wrapped in a fake headlight pattern, further throwing us off, with a lower chrome pinstripe towards the back of the vehicle also being a decal rather than an actual trim piece.

What we can see though is the general shape. The new model is a bit curvier and softer around the edges, while also showcasing a more elongated side profile a bit like the latest Touareg when it went from a taller and boxier shape. It actually looks a bit like the VW Tayron sold in China.

Around at the back the taillights on this test vehicle feature a transparent wrap to extend the light housing downward and further around the sides. However, look closely, especially towards the end of the video, and you can see an indent potentially suggesting a much smaller layout hiding behind.

The current, second-gen Tiguan first arrived in 2016 and received a facelift in 2020. Unlike the current model, the third-gen version is set to jump over to VW’s MLB Evo platform like the latest Golf Mk8, Cupra Formentor and Audi A3. Moving to the newer platform is not only set to bring improvements in driving dynamics, space and efficiency, but also on-board safety.

Speaking of which, you may have noticed the sticker on the side of the test vehicle which depicts a camera and highlights a VW website. The website basically takes you to a disclaimer as VW engineers are running on-board sensors and cameras that can detect objects and people. We’re expecting a decent evolution of the SUV’s driver assist systems and capability.

With this prototype wearing minor camouflage it probably means testing is nearing its final stages. A full debut for the new model could take place a bit later this year. Check out the video below by CarSpyMedia for a preview.

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