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Editorial: How Donald Trump’s latest orders could shake the auto world

May 15, 2017

President Donald J Trump. While the controversial and divisive topic is almost too easy to mock, the reality is that the Trump administration is making some genuinely questionable, if not downright irresponsible attempts at policy...

Editorial: A look at North Korea’s automotive industry

May 03, 2017

With tensions escalating between North Korea and the West, including various nuclear threats, what better time to have a look at North Korea’s automotive industry, which is a very unusual and fascinating one. North Korea,...

Editorial: Would you buy a $5000 new car?

Apr 22, 2017

Australia is an advanced western nation, with high expectations of what a modern new car is. Even the most basic cars in Australia are available with six airbags, stability control, at least a four-star ANCAP...

Editorial: Can the manual transmission be saved?

Apr 17, 2017

To the most unwavering of automotive purists, the clean-revving aural symphony of a atmospherically-fed engine and the level of involvement required for a H-pattern manual gearbox is the only way to enjoy a car. And...

Editorial: How to Resurrect the Australian Car

Apr 12, 2017

Once Holden and Toyota shutter their Australian production facilities this coming August and October, the Australian-built motorcar is dead, taking with it tens of thousands of jobs in the component sector. Australia will be the...

Election 2016: What lies ahead for the Australian auto sector?

Jun 29, 2016

The 2016 Australian election result is less than a week away. One area which hasn’t received much coverage is the automotive industry, and its component supplier sectors. Could this be because the public by-and-large accepts...

Editorial: Tesla likened to Apple, Elon Musk to Steve Jobs?

Apr 06, 2016

Just like Apple reinvented the phone, Tesla, a 13 year-old US-based company, is attempting to reinvent the automobile, and setting industry-firsts in the process. I, like most of the automotive world, tuned in live for...

Editorial: Ford Falcon – an emotional tribute

Feb 17, 2016

I was a strange child, more fascinated by mechanical items than sports or social activities. This extended to our family car, though to be fair, our family car was pretty sweet, even if nobody knew...

Editorial: What SUV did we buy – Land Rover, Lexus NX, BMW X3?

Sep 25, 2015

For our more regular readers you might remember our editorial last month about buying a premium SUV. It was between the Land Rover Discovery Sport, Lexus NX, and BMW X3. This was one of the...

2018 Holden Commodore: everything there is to know so far

Aug 12, 2015

While the existence of a ‘Commodore’ after 2017 has been confirmed by Holden, exactly what shape it will take is mostly a mystery. PerformanceDrive got out the magnifying glasses and fine-toothed combs in an effort...

What premium SUV should you buy; Discovery Sport, BMW X3, Lexus NX?

Aug 11, 2015

It’s no secret SUVs are the flavour of the month decade. All car companies offer at least one SUV, or are planning to introduce one in the near future – even Lamborghini, Bentley, and Rolls-Royce...

Editorial: Think Holden. What about the future?

May 02, 2015

Holden has painted a picture of its post-2017 showroom, which is starting to materialise with the just-launched Astra and Cascada models. But can it maintain its identity going forward? Or will the lack of Australian...

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