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Mitchell is a contributing journalist and features writer at PerformanceDrive. He has been a passionate petrol-head from a very young age. He is excited by the future of the industry, and considers himself as a bit of a fanatic when it comes to the technical aspects of cars. He is also fascinated by new cars that are popping up in developing markets.

Next Dodge Charger to get turbo four-cylinder

Jun 03, 2016

Initially scheduled for a 2018 replacement, the Charger has been pushed back as FCA boss Sergio Marchionne desperately tries to stop the company from haemorrhaging money by prioritising more profitable models, such as Jeep SUVs....

Volkswagen Up! GTI in the works – report

Jun 03, 2016

Volkswagen is reportedly preparing a GTI version of the Up! minicar, which was discontinued from Australian sale two years ago. Autocar is reporting Volkswagen needs to inject some spice into the Up! to improve sales....

Dashcam captures near-miss with idiot Falcon driver (video)

Jun 02, 2016

Dashcams have served a number of purposes in the modern motoring landscape. Their widespread adoption has made for plenty of amusing footage on YouTube, particularly when it originates from Russia. But rest assured, Australia is...

Tesla Model 3 won’t come with Supercharger as standard after all

Jun 02, 2016

Contrary to what people were expecting, the base Tesla Model 3 will not come off the factory floor with access to Tesla’s 120kWh Supercharger rapid-charging infrastructure. Elon Musk revealed this during a call to shareholders...

Chrome-wrapped Toyota Mirai is one way to attract attention (video)

Jun 02, 2016

Toyota is keen to extol the virtues of its fuel cell technology, as seen in the Mirai, so it is even taking the awkward-looking sedan to race events and hillclimbs to promote it, such as...

Haval rules out diesel engine options for its SUVs

Jun 02, 2016

Despite voicing grand ambitions on many occasions to be as eponymous with SUVs as Jeep and Land Rover, even at times talking about number 1 position, Haval has ruled out any hope of diesel engine...

Lexani Motorcars creates insanely-luxurious interiors (video)

Jun 02, 2016

When someobody asks you which car has the most luxurious interior, what brands usually spring to mind? Most people would answer Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Maybach or BMW, and with good reason – they all offer penthouse...

VW considering its own ‘Gigafactory’ for battery production – report

Jun 02, 2016

Volkswagen is mulling over a large-scale battery manufacturing facility similar to Tesla’s almost-complete Gigafactory. Obviously VW is very eager not just to put the dieselgate behind it, but to become a leader in the field...

Ferrari 458 MM Speciale revealed as one-off creation

Jun 02, 2016

Ferrari has gone all out with a one-off special called the MM based on its last true naturally aspirated V8 screamer; the 458 Speciale. The car is the handywork of Ferrari’s Styling Centre, as the...

New cheapest car in the world is the new (old) Jiagnan TT?

Jun 01, 2016

When Tata introduced the Nano in 2008, it was intended to be the world’s cheapest car, with a starting price of 100,000 (1 lakh) rupees (about AU$2000) targeted during development. It turns out the market...

Bentley 6.75L V8 getting ready to retire gracefully – report

May 30, 2016

The ol’ six-and-three-quarter-litre L-series V8 battleaxe which powers the current Bentley Mulsanne is reportedly getting ready for the chopping block. The pushrod, twin-turbo V8 can trace its heritage back to the 1959 Bentley S2, sharing...

Renault Clio R.S. 16 concept gets Megane 275 engine conversion

May 30, 2016

Those crazy French boffins at Renault’s Sport division have transplanted the Megane R.S. 275’s 201kW/360Nm 2.0-litre turbo engine and six-speed manual gearbox into the smaller Clio R.S body, for fun, culminating in the Clio R.S...

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