Zenos E10 R revealed, gets potent 2.3 EcoBoost engine

Nov 23, 2015

If you love your lightweight, track-ready sports cars then you’ll love what British company Zenos Cars is doing here. Introducing the new Zenos E10 R. Pitched as an evolution of the Zenos E10 from a...

Zenos E10 sports car to debut at Autosport

Dec 20, 2013

You may remember former Caterham boss Ansar Ali was planning to introduce an all-new sports car going by the name of the Zenos E10. The company behind the creation has now announced the car will...

Zenos E10 concept sketches preview new super lightweight

Oct 08, 2013

Some early design sketches of the upcoming Zenos E10 have been released, revealing the shape of the all-new lightweight sports car which is set to arrive on the scene next year. The Zenos E10 will...