Tata Tamo

Tata Motors Tamo RACEMO concept unveiled

Mar 07, 2017

Tata Motors’s newly-created Tamo division has unveiled the RACEMO mini supercar at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. The RACEMO will be the first production model from Tamo and will hit showrooms starting with India late...

Tata & Volkswagen working partnership deal; platform sharing, new sub-brand

Feb 23, 2017

Indian company Tata Motors is about to unleash a major product onslaught, with a new modular platform, a sports sub-brand (Tamo), and an expected platform-sharing deal with Volkswagen set to be announced at the Geneva...

Tata ‘Tamo’ brand to debut at Geneva with new sports car

Feb 03, 2017

India’s Tata Motors – producer of the former world’s cheapest car, the Nano – will be launching something completely unexpected at this year’s Geneva Motor Show on March 7. The car will be showcased under...