Local Motors

Local Motors creates IBM-powered futuristic minibus

Jun 21, 2016

Innovative crowd-sourcing startup Local Motors has unveiled an autonomous minibus called Olli which has begun testing on Washington roads, with trials also expected to reach Las Vegas by 2017. Local Motors is best known for...

Local Motors unveils LM3D Swim; production-ready 3D-printed car

Nov 04, 2015

As part of its commitment to bring 3D-printed cars to the mass market, Local Motors today unveiled the LM3D Swim; a fully homologated production version of the Project Redacted competition-winning entry by Kevin Lo. Unveiled...

Local Motors one step closer to mass-producing 3D-printed cars

Jul 09, 2015

3D-printed mass-produced vehicles could become a reality thanks to Local Motors, with plans to introduce low-speed electric vehicles early in 2016. The Arizona start-up has ambitions to become a disruptive force in vehicle manufacturing by...

Local Motors assembles 3D-printed Strati EV live at SEMA

Nov 10, 2014

If the Beatles released their hit single ‘Drive My Car’ today instead of in 1965, the iconic chorus could be ‘Baby, you can print my car’. For that is exactly what US company Local Motors...

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