Honda Civic Wagon

Honda Civic i-DTEC sets lowest fuel consumption world record

Jul 07, 2015

A Honda Civic Tourer wagon has set the Guinness world record for fuel efficiency, covering an epic 13,498km and returning an average consumption of just 2.82L/100km. Who needs a hybrid when combustion engines can achieve...

Honda Civic Tourer wagon concept revealed before Geneva

Mar 04, 2013

Images of the Honda Civic Tourer concept have been revealed online just days before its public unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. As you can see, the concept gives us some indication of...

Honda Civic Wagon concept headed for Geneva

Feb 07, 2013

Honda has shown a preview sketch of a cool new Honda Civic Wagon concept it plans to unveil at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Although there isn’t current a Civic wagon in the showroom range,...