For Sale: 1981 International Scout Traveller V8 with Volvo 245 body

Mixing the comfort of a Volvo 245 station wagon with International Scout Traveller 4×4 running gear is definitely one for those who like cars with character.

1981 International Scout Traveller Volvo custom 4x4

Built 12 years ago, this custom road-registered 4×4 features the Scout’s original 5.6-litre V8 engine, three-speed automatic with transfer case, and suspension.

Some of the modifications include ARB Air Lockers at the rear, dual heavy-duty batteries, and a Hayman Reese tow bar  –  perhaps you could use it to tow your Volvo race car to the track?

1981 International Scout Traveller Volvo 4x4 V8

The 4×4 Scout is fitted with a dual-fuel setup, with a 120L long-range petrol tank and an 80L LPG tank bolted up underneath the car.

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