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Scion iQ-RS

Video: Scion iQ commercial featuring ‘Babes ‘N’ Donuts’

Apr 04, 2012

In what is potentially the best/weirdest Toyota-brand advertisement we’ve seen in a long while, a group of bikini-clad girls attempt to do reverse donuts in a new Scion iQ, while trying to eat donuts and...

Scion iQ-RS, Scion iQ RX, Scion iQ-MR to debut at SEMA show

Oct 31, 2011

Four special Scion iQ shows car are preparing for their 2011 SEMA debut; the Scion iQ-RS, Scion iQ RX, Scion iQ-MR and a unique Scion iQ chop top by Pit Boss Cartel. Toyota US brand,...

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