Video: New Range Rover Sport vs V12 Spitfire plane

Range Rover has released an interesting promotional video for the spanking new Range Rover Sport. The video sees the performance SUV being pitched up against a Spitfire aeroplane in a two-way drag race.

2013 Range Rover Sport vs V12 Spitfire

Using the powerful new Range Rover Sport, which comes with a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine producing 375kW, the SUV is up against a very serious air craft which uses a V12 engine.

The plane is a 1945 Vickers Supermarine Spitfire. It flies thanks to a V12 Merlin engine developing 1305kW, with a top speed of around 644km/h.

You might think the SUV doesn’t stand a chance, however, the way the race is undertaken makes it quite an even playing field.

2013 Range Rover Sport vs Spitfire plane-race

Both of the engineering masterpieces start by sprinting to one end of a runway. The Range Rover then has to make a U-turn while the plane, in the air, has to do the same. The two then sprint back down to the start.

Jaguar-Land Rover’s chief vehicle integrity engineer, Mike Cross, spoke about the stunt, saying,

“It’s always difficult to find traction from a standing start on grass, but the Range Rover Sport made a great launch off the line. I was surprised by how bumpy the course was as I accelerated up to 130mph, and of course the other extreme challenge is to brake in time for the turn-around, but the car felt composed throughout the whole run.”

Click play below to see which machine crosses the finish line first.