Video: Michelin shows how low rolling resistance tyres work

Michelin has released an interesting new advertising campaign which involves giving us all a quick hands-on demonstration of why its tyres are supposedly better than the rest.

Of course, being an advertisement there is going to be a certain amount of variables that still need to be accounted for. The demonstrations are quite interesting though, and they remind us just how different tyres can be and how different tyres can effect a car.

The most interesting of the lot, in our opinion, is the advertisement for its low-rolling resistance tyres.

In Australia, ‘eco’ tyres are still a fairly new concept, while different weather tyres including ‘winter tyres’ are pretty much non-existent here since we don’t get any serious snowfall in suburban or built-up areas.

If you’ve got a spare few minutes and would like to learn a thing or two about tyres and how different tyres can be designed to do completely different things, click play on the video below.

The video will load through the various tyre types, including braking performance, handling performance, winter performance, and economical performance.