Video: Very interesting Koenigsegg factory walk-through

If you love your hypercars like us, and love attention to detail, Drive YouTube channel has just put up a very interesting Koenigsegg factory walk-through video worth watching.

The video is basically a walking step by step guide through the factory in Sweden, led by company founder Christian Koenigsegg. From the way the carbon fibre is made on each car, to the way each car is painted, even down to the intricate details of the awesome 1200hp twin-turbo V8 engine, Christian explains how it all comes together.

There’s also some test drive footage with company test driver Robert Serwanski, who is just 24 years old. He demonstrates how quickly the Agera can accelerate up to 300km/h on the company’s private runway strip. He also demonstrates the car’s excellent stability by slamming the brakes at 315km/h and letting the car slow without having his hands on the steering wheel.

Take a look below. You might want to get comfortable and have some food and drink ready, the video goes for 30 minutes. It’s definitely a must watch if you love the finer details of supercar production.