Video: Chevrolet Corvette C6 twin turbo with 1500hp on the street

How hard does a Chevrolet Corvette C6 twin turbo with 1500hp go? High Tech Corvette enthusiast forum has released a video showing just how brutally quick 1500hp can be out on the street.

There was a video circulating showing some footage of the twin-turbo beast taken from a Dodge Viper earlier in 2011. This latest video provides an in-car perspective as the ‘Vette launches down the highway, with wheelspin in every gear shift.

As far as we know, under the bonnet sits a comprehensive twin-turbo V8 package. It produces an almighty 1118kW of power (1500hp) capable of propelling the Corvette, as you’ll see below, from 80km/h to 280km/h in no time.

Click play below to take a look – the second video is the original external shot featuring the Viper.