Video: BMW carbon fibre SGL manufacturing process

August 28, 2011

BMW has released an interesting video outlining the carbon fibre manufacturing process used by partner company SGL Automotive Carbon Fibres.

BMW is looking to incorporate more carbon fibre material into its future lineup. The company has said that it wants to develop ways to bring down the cost of manufacturing carbon fibre with SGL to help widespread the use of the material in its cars.

The only BMW production cars that use carbon fibre at the moment are small a range of its various specialist sports cars, such as BMW M models. BMW will be introducing much more carbon fibre into the production of the upcoming BMW i3 and BMW i8 models as a starter.

Click play on the two-part video below for a in-depth insight into the manufacturing process. It’s all very intricate, and quite interesting. BMW does explain the processes at certain parts throughout the videos.

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