Video: 2014 HSV GTS Gen-F commercial rekindles spirit

Holden Special Vehicles has released a new extended-cut commercial for the upcoming 2014 HSV GTS Gen-F sedan. The somewhat philosophical ad looks at some of the changes the automotive industry has experienced in recent years.

2014 HSV GTS Gen-F

The new GTS will be Australia’s most powerful production car ever, and one of the world’s most powerful production sedans. It features a 6.2-litre supercharged V8 engine producing a mind-blowing 430kW of power and 720Nm of tyre-ravaging torque.

HSV has launched the Gen-F Clubsport, the Senator, and the new Maloo R8 Ute already, however, the GTS won’t arrive until September. Prices will start at $92,990, excluding on-road costs.

Click play below to be inspired.

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