Video: 2000hp Lamborghini Gallardo spins out into a lake

A very unfortunate Lamborghini owner is going to be draining water from his Italian supercar for the next few weeks following an accident at a drag strip.

2000hp Lamborghini Gallardo lake crash

The car in question is a highly modified twin-turbo Gallardo tuned up to 2000hp (1492kW). Despite its all-wheel-drive system, the tyres were obviously unable to handle the power, causing the car to kick out and shot the driver directly into the drink.

Rumor has it the driver was aiming to beat his new personal best time at the strip, unknowingly he was about to create new records for marine activities and diving.

The model appears to be an LP-570 Superleggera. It features unique bodywork, especially around the front end, with its aggressive front splitter. The stock Superleggera produces 419kW from a naturally aspirated V10. It has been somewhat of a tuner’s paradise, with kits easily pushing out more than 1500hp.

This driver, however, may be questioning the need for all the extra power… Check out the off below.