Toyota Hybrid-R concept heading to Frankfurt

It looks like Toyota has plans to unveil a mysterious new Hybrid-R concept at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. The car will be an ‘exciting new concept for the road’.

Toyota Hybrid-R concept preview

Toyota has refrained from spilling any sort of beans about the car at this stage, other than mentioning that it will adopt Toyota Hybrid System-Racing technology. This of course leads some to believe it will be a new sports car of some kind which could eventually spawn a road vehicle.

The company has been saying over the past couple of years that it wants to bring out more exciting road cars, driver’s cars. It’s a philosophy that was kicked off by the Toyota 86.

There’s been various rumours and some official confirmation that a new Supra could be on the horizon. Is there a chance the Hybrid-R concept could preview such a model? We’ll have to wait and see.

All of the action at Frankfurt starts on September 10 (media day).