RevoZport R-Zentric aerokit developed for Tesla Model S

Nov 25, 2014

RevoZport has just announced a tasteful bodykit for the Tesla Model S that gives the already sharp-looking model a look and stance that matches well with its astonishing all-electric performance. As you might have seen...

Tesla sales banned in New Jersey

Mar 12, 2014

New Jersey will ban electric car company Tesla from directly selling its cars to customers in the state as of April 1, forcing them out of one of USA’s most lucrative auto markets. The ban...

Tesla reports record sales, 22,300 Model S sedans sold in 2013

Jan 16, 2014

The rise of electric cars shows no sign of slowing down, with around 22,300 Tesla Model S sedans sold last year. The sales figure comes from Tesla’s head office at California and puts it on...