Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y revealed as new mid-size SUV

Mar 15, 2019

This is the new Tesla Model Y. It has just been revealed during a special event in the US and live-streamed online. The Model Y comes in as the electric vehicle company’s new mid-size four-door...

Top 10 best SUVs coming to Australia in 2019-2020

Nov 02, 2018

Thinking of buying a new car? There’s a good chance there’s an SUV somewhere in your shortlist. SUVs are fast-becoming the vehicle style choice, with some carmakers even discontinuing their sedans and instead replacing them...

Tesla Model Y rendered, based on teaser (video)

Jun 14, 2017

To appreciate the sheer sorcery of Photoshop you must spend time watching an expert weave his magic and bring to life the impossible. As is the case with this Tesla Model Y rendering based on...

Tesla Model Y previewed for the first time, new medium crossover

Jun 07, 2017

The first teaser of the new Tesla Model Y has dropped for the very first time, showing a dark silhouette of the front end. It will slot in as the company’s new small/medium SUV. Originally...

Top 20 Best SUVs coming to Australia in 2017-2018

Sep 25, 2016

Australian car shoppers are generally a well-researched and intelligent bunch of people, trawling the internet for the best option before plonking down any hard-earned cash. Whether you want the best small SUV, best medium SUV...

Tesla Model Y small SUV on the way, based on Model 3 sedan

Oct 07, 2015

It seems Tesla isn’t just planning a junior version of the Model S sedan, called the Model 3, but also a smaller version of the just-unveiled Model X SUV, called the Model Y. The details...

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