Gordon Murray T.50 unveiled, ‘better than McLaren F1’

Aug 06, 2020

Gordon Murray Automotive has unveiled its all-new, fully-bespoke T.50 hypercar, featuring the highest-revving V12 currently on the market. It’s also one of the lightest weight hypercars around. We already know plenty about the engine from...

Gordon Murray’s T.50 hypercar V12 engine specs confirmed

Jul 23, 2020

We haven’t heard much about it in a while, but now Gordon Murray Automotive has confirmed its T.50 hypercar will be unveiled in full next month. Complete details regarding the epic Cosworth V12 engine have...

T.50 hypercar planned; V12 with 12,100rpm redline

Jun 06, 2019

Always wanted to buy an original McLaren F1? Well, Gordon Murray, the man responsible for the F1, is planning a new hypercar called the T.50. And on paper, the initial stats look very impressive. Even...