Posaidon creates 1000hp Mercedes-AMG E 63

Jul 04, 2016

German tuners Posaidon has released the most powerful street legal Mercedes-AMG E 63 package it has ever created, called the RS850+. The RS850+ is based on the Mercedes-AMG E 63, using a heavily modified 5.5-litre...

Posaidon develops 830hp tuning package for Mercedes G 63 AMG

Mar 02, 2015

Just in case you thought the Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG was too sensible, fellow German tuning house Posaidon has released an almost unimaginable power upgrade for the outlandish off-roader. The upgrade is more than just...

Posaidon RS 850 tuning kit boosts Mercedes E 63 AMG to 1300Nm

Dec 03, 2014

Not happy with your Mercedes E 63 AMG S’s 800Nm torque figure? German tuner Posaidon has come up with a performance kit that pushes power well beyond the factory figures thanks to some new mechanical...