Porsche Classic

Porsche Classic completes ‘Project Gold’ 993 911 Turbo

Aug 25, 2018

Porsche Classic has revealed the finished product of its ‘Project Gold’ 911: a stunning 1998 993 911 Turbo, complete with brand-new components. A few weeks ago we reported on the ‘Project Gold’ restomod, which has...

Porsche Classic creating ‘Project Gold’, based on 993 Turbo (video)

Aug 06, 2018

The Porsche Classic department is preparing a unique restomod project to help celebrate the 70th anniversary of the company. So far all we know is that it’s called ‘Project Gold’. Most of the details on...

Porsche Classic develops ‘Navigation Radio’ for old-school models

Feb 24, 2015

If you, like us, love classic cars but are not sure about buying one because they lack modern technologies, Porsche has come up with a solution. Introducing the Navigation Radio. It’s designed to slot perfectly...